Take Control of your Health

Take Control of your health

Take Control of your Health is a campaign designed to increase awareness of important health care issues and to educate the public on behaviors that can affect their health through non-branded and consistent messaging.  The campaign is a partnership between NEBGH and WCBS-TV.  WCBS-TV has a history of raising money for important health causes such as breast cancer and diabetes. In 2010, airtime on WCBS-TV helped health organizations raise over $20.5 million. 

For companies that choose to participate in Take Control of your Health, NEBGH produces a televised vignette about the selected health issue and designs a webinar for members about the issue.  In addition, the content is displayed on the TCYH and CBS websites.

Joint promotion through WCBS-TV and NEBGH reaches a large market.  Key audiences include consumers living in the tri-state area, health plan members, and employer and employee populations.  In addition, 60.8% of healthcare workers in the New York tri-state area watch WCBS-TV during an average week.  This means information reaches public and private medical settings, such as retail pharmacies and health care systems.

This program has a track record of success.  We launched our first campaign in March with Humana/Life Synch on how coaching encourages behavior change. The CBS website garnered 125,312 views and the TCYH website had 1,598 unique users, 1,902 visitors, 3,679 pages viewed, and a total of 52,282 views. In addition, our program builds on the success of a similar campaign conducted by the Midwest Business Group on Health. The program addressed diabetes, medication adherence, smoking cessation, COPD and cancer. NEBGH quantifies the success of these program by tracking the number of viewers during the televised campaign, the numbers of visitors to the TCYH and CBS websites, and attendance at NEBGH webinars in New York and Chicago.  Previous sponsors have included Boehringer-Ingelheim, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Novartis, and Sanofi-Aventis.