Solutions and Innovation Center

The healthcare landscape is changing at an unprecedented pace. Federal and state policies, technology, patient care and payment models are in constant flux. How can your company make sense of this shifting landscape, identify winning solutions, and implement them quickly and effectively?

Northeast Business Group on Health’s Solutions and Innovations Center (SIC) will identify, investigate and disseminate innovative ways to improve the quality and value of health care for the region’s employers. The Center will work with leaders in the fields of medicine, academia and business to conduct objective, structured research and make a difference in employee health care in the near term. The Center will be funded by outside sponsors, including corporations, foundations and government, yet it will maintain an independent, member-focused perspective.

Some SIC projects include:

  • Hospital Readmissions Reduction Project – a multi-stakeholder collaboration around readmissions that can be tested and replicated nationally
  • Other initiatives around
    • Pain management and employers
    • Value-based benefit design

The SIC Leadership Council (LINK) assures that the Center is focused on projects that can make the greatest difference for employers and employee health care. A Scientific Advisory Board will advise on research methods, approaches and partnerships.

Check back often for events and new initiatives.

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