NEBGH is a not-for-profit coalition representing more than 175 members and more than a million covered lives, speaking with one voice for quality, accountability, and value in the region’s health care system.

By joining NEBGH, you have the opportunity to join with other healthcare leaders in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut who are working to develop cutting-edge strategies to optimize their healthcare investment and improve the healthcare system.  Furthermore, your NEBGH membership gives you the platform and opportunity to influence the health plans and providers in your area.


  • Be Informed. Learn about industry best practices, trends and innovations at our conferences, events and networking sessions. Stay up-to-date on the latest health policy developments in state houses and Washington, DC through our forums, newsletters and alerts. Call on our nationally-recognized team of experts for help in understanding and navigating the healthcare marketplace.
  • Reduce Administrative Costs. Obtain actionable intelligence about health plans, care, policy developments and industry trends without having to pay consulting fees or purchase additional products.
  • Improve Quality and Reduce the Cost of Employee Health Care. Use information from eValue8, NJ Gaps in Care, and our other initiatives during rate negotiations and benefits selection, and make the most of your company’s healthcare dollar. Work with more than 150 employers in the region to influence plans and providers and drive value in the region’s healthcare delivery system.
  • Be Heard. Attend our forums and meetings with policymakers, and have a voice in the national dialogue on healthcare.

Other Stakeholders:

  • Get to Know Employers in the Region. Work with hundreds of large, mid-sized and small employers to understand – and help inform — their purchasing needs and decisions. By joining NEBGH, health plans, health systems and other stakeholders can also receive feedback on cost, quality and the patient experience that you can use to improve customer satisfaction and retention, and gain a competitive edge.