Health Policy

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Northeast Business Group on Health provides members with timely and objective information and analysis on local, state, and federal legislative and regulatory developments.

At policy roundtables, forums and small group meetings, employers can meet and engage Members of Congress, administration officials and other policy makers — and have a voice in the national dialogue on health care.

Updates and Alerts.
NEBGH members receive email updates and alerts with information on local, state, and federal health policy developments. Through issue briefs, webinars, and in-person educational events, we provide insight on policies that impact member benefit programs, employees, and the bottom line.

NEBGH weighs in on healthcare policy issues as they are being debated and decided. Through testimony, correspondence and in-person meetings, NEBGH educates policymakers on our members’ policy priorities, including:

  • Developing national guidelines, standards and metrics for healthcare quality
  • Promoting healthcare policies that incent quality and value, not volume
  • Advancing policies that make health benefits affordable and accessible for both employers and employees
  • A policy framework that empowers consumers and promotes choice
  • Protecting the favorable tax treatment of health benefits
  • Safeguarding the current ERISA pre-emption system