Health Care & the Election

With the presidential election fast approaching, a number of health policy media and research outlets have published a variety of resources on not only the role of health policy in this election, but also where the candidates stand on the issue.

The two presidential camps recently outlined their visions for federal health reform in the New England Journal of Medicine.  President Obama’s piece can be found at  Governor Romney’s at

Two health services researchers and commentators, Austin Frakt of Boston University and Aaron Carroll of Indiana University, compare and contrast the candidates’ competing visions in a JAMA

And just this week, the New England Journal of Medicine published two relevant Perspective pieces, each featuring experts’ competing arguments on the merits of one candidate’s reform plan over the other’s.  Gail Willensky’s article, describing the shortcomings of Obamacare.  A piece describing Governor Romney’s reform plan, penned by faculty from Brown University and Harvard University.

Lastly, the October Visualizing Health Policy piece, a joint effort between JAMA and the Kaiser Family Foundation, offers a snapshot of how health care-related issues are shaping the election.