A Busy Professional’s Guide to the Supreme Court’s Review of the Health Reform Law

The Supreme Court of the United States is set to undertake its review of the federal health reform law next week. In an unprecedented move, the court will be devoting six hours – more than time given to a case than any other since 1966 – of oral arguments to it. At the heart of the case are four issues. The first, to be argued on March 26, is the applicability of the Anti-Injunction Act, an 1867 law which bars federal courts from ruling on the constitutionality of tax laws before payments have been made. On March 27, the court will hear arguments on the law’s central issue – the individual mandate and Congress’ power to regulate commerce and levy taxes. Arguments will conclude with on March 28 with 90 minutes devoted to the severability of the mandate from the rest of the law, and 60 minutes to state sovereignty in Medicaid expansion.

A plethora of resources have been published in attempts to simplify and digest the case for the general public.