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NEBGH brings employers, health plans, providers, and other stakeholders together to develop robust initiatives that make a difference in employee healthcare. Members gain access to the latest information about health plans and care, benefit designs, and policy developments. NEBGH also provides comprehensive analyses of health plans that help members make more informed benefits purchasing decisions and get the most out of their organization’s healthcare dollar.

We help large, mid-sized and small businesses by:

Informing Health Care Decisions
Through conferences, monthly breakfasts, and networking sessions, NEBGH members learn from their peers, experts, and industry leaders about best practices and trends in health care. We conduct unique analyses of plans and care in the region and keep our members informed about the latest legislative and regulatory developments.

Improving the Health Care Delivery System
NEBGH members work together to influence health plans and providers to improve care, services, and the patient experience. Our health care quality and accountability initiatives provide physicians feedback to improve care and patient satisfaction. Our “Get to Know the CEO” programs offer NEBGH members exclusive access to the leadership of the largest health plans and other health care organizations.

Controlling Costs
We help our members get the most for their healthcare dollar. Our members have access to the latest information about health plans, care, policy developments, best practices, and industry trends to help them get the greatest value from their health benefits programs without having to pay consulting fees or purchase additional products.